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FTK Spółka z o. o. is a rapidly growing manufacturing company with traditions dating back to 1951. Our long-term strategy takes into account the principles of sustainable development policy, the key element of which is a focus on the staff needs, local community expectations and respect for the natural environment. While shaping and updating the company's development strategy, we have committed to continue the efforts to ensure our employees' safety and to eliminate of any barriers resulting from social and cultural stereotypes. 


We do our best to ensure that the company's activities not only lead to increase in its value and achievement of its business goals, but also yield tangible benefits to the local community in which we operate as well as to the surrounding natural environment. We promote environmental awareness among the company's employees and reduce the environmental impact of the company by:

• providing bins for waste segregation,

• using recycled paper,

• minimizing the use of paper by leveraging electronic workflow solutions,

• in-house information campaigns designed to promote the reasonable waste management and use of resources (water, electricity) among the employees.

As far as the environmental impact of production is concerned, we comply with all the applicable environmental standards and internal regulations in this regard. Furthermore, we make effort to ensure that an environmental impact analysis is performed prior to launching production of any new products. We have developed a set of in-house environmental, quality and labour standards to be followed at the Company, which must be observed by the suppliers and subcontractors cooperating with our company: 

• OHS & fire

• Movement of people

• Environmental protection requirements


We are aware that as a major regional employer, we exert a significant impact on the local community and its development. We support the measures promoting social activity and attach great importance to ensure that our activities are driven by good understanding of the local community's needs and expectations.

1) We cooperate with the Employment Centre in Krasnystaw in providing graduates with work placement opportunities, and thus actively contributing to fight against the unemployment.

2) We strive to maintain high ethical standards by implementing the code of ethical behaviour and regular trainings for workers in this field.

3) We encourage employees to engage in voluntary work.

 Each year, we co-organize regional festivals, where not only workers and their families are invited, but also all the residents and the local authorities, so that we can better understand the needs of the local community.


We attach great importance to development of our staff members, bearing in mind that they are the driving force behind the company's competitiveness and ability to succeed. We support improvement of our staff's qualifications through an extensive programme of trainings, tailored training plans and special incentive programmes to reward the most effective employees and those most dedicated to mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how. We strive to provide our employees with the most friendly operating environment through the following activities:

• we undertake a range of initiatives to raise safety (e.g. we organize occupational health and safety and fire trainings, we provide our employees with the opportunity to participate in trainings organized by the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Krasnystaw);

• we promote a healthy lifestyle by supporting organization of sports activities for employees and their families, 

• we conduct regular surveys among employees to learn their expectations. 

We implement the policy of equal opportunities through

• recruiting new employees based on transparent and objective rules to avoid possible discrimination,

• a clear system of employee evaluation and promotion,

• conducting awareness campaigns among employees to prevent discriminatory practices.