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FTK Sp. z o.o. operates on the domestic raw tobacco market. We are one of the leading companies registered as the tobacco first processor in Poland. Our activities include, in particular:

  • contracting and buying of raw tobacco from individual growers and producer groups,
  • production of unmanufactured tobacco and smoking tobacco,
  • raw tobacco storage,
  • make-to-order processing of raw tobacco,
  • wholesale sale of unmanufactured and smoking tobacco.

Every spring, we enter into contracts for raw tobacco in the tobacco growing areas across Poland. Then in autumn, the Company buys raw tobacco pursuant to the procurement contracts concluded with individual growers and producer groups. 

The following step involves production i.e. technological process during which raw tobacco is subject to appropriate treatment aimed at obtaining unmanufactured tobacco i.e. raw material for manufacturing tobacco products. The fermentation process takes place using the so-called redrying method. The resulting product shows proper and homogeneous tobacco sensory and physico-chemical properties.

We produce the following tobacco products by manipulation:

- Loose leaf;
- Butted loose leaf;
- Threshed leaf;
- Hand strips.

Tobacco packed in 200kg cartons is stored in suitable and monitored conditions in tobacco warehouses, where the maturation process takes place.  During fermentation and maturation, tobacco gains advantageous flavour and taste characteristics.

The Company engages also in smoking tobacco production. This requires the use of appropriate proportions of different types of tobacco that are cased, cut and flavoured. Then the fine-cut tobacco is packed in C-48 cartons. We also offer packing of fine-cut tobacco into unit packets of various weights.

Commercial operations represent a very important part of FTK's business. We strive to satisfy the needs of all our customers. We offer them an opportunity to design their own blend and the insight into the entire process.

The Company makes effort to constantly expand its base of unmanufactured tobacco and smoking tobacco buyers. We usually attract new customers during exhibitions, trade fairs and industry meetings in which the Company participates. At such occasions, we establish direct relationships with the prospect business partners and present our production potential and samples as well as discuss the possibility of cooperation.

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