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Tobacco production in Krasnystaw dates back to 1951, when the Company began its operations as a tobacco fermentation plant. In terms of organizational structure, the company formed a part of the Unmanufactured Tobacco Production Plant in Lublin. It was the first industrial plant in Krasnystaw District. 

Since 1995, the Company operated as branch of Zakłady Tytoniowe w Lublinie S.A. Since January 2000, the Company continued its operations as an independent business entity. 

In August 2006, the name of the Company was changed to FTK Spółka z o.o. This change was driven by the expansion into global markets and sought to facilitate contacts with foreign business partners. 

From the Company's Chronicle:

  "It was a foggy day in November of 1951, like there are many during the Polish autumn. 

 However, the 7th November of 1951 was not an ordinary day for those who gathered in the yard of yet unfinished construction. 

 On that date, the first employees of the future plant, in the presence of the representatives of district authorities, the General Director of ZPT in Warsaw and the Investor, LWTP in Lublin, took over the new facility which from that day was to start its operations under the name of FERMENTOWNIA TYTONIU W KRASNYMSTAWIE [Tobacco Fermentation Plant in Krasnystaw]. 

On the 34th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the first socialist industrial plant in the town and the region started its operations. 

Being another new point on the economic map of still young Polish People's Republic, the plant is also the symbol and the monument of social changes brought and established by the greatest of all the proletarian revolutions. 

There were many reasons for locating the facility in this region, the most important being: 

 One of them was socially urgent need to discharge the surplus labour force in the area after the liberation. 

Another no less important reason was the rapidly reviving tobacco cultivation after regaining the independence, hallmarking the formation of the future tobacco growing region. 

Given these conditions, the efforts of the district authorities and the LWTP Directorate in Lublin were crowned with success, and in 1948, the construction of the future Tobacco Fermentation Plant began. (…) 

It was in this plant that the workers first encountered the real socialist industry and culture. 

 Krasnystaw of those times was a town without water mains, sewage system, or housing. 

The fermentation plant was where the regional working-class developed and the place of origin for staff to be employed at future plants and projects. But the beginnings were not easy. The first facility commissioned in 1949 was the building of the local purchase post (...)" 

 "Construction and installation works have accompanied the crew continuously throughout 25 years. (...) The first fermentation campaign in the years 1951-1952 yielded approximately 2 thousand tons of commodity and was also the period of constant adaptation for the future technical and production staff. 

 The second  fermentation and production campaign almost doubled the output of goods with 3600 tons of unmanufactured tobacco. 

 Since then, each year witnessed an increasing trend only to achieve the output of production of more than 10 thousand tons per year and 13 thousand tons per campaign in the jubilee year.

But before that happened, there were years of hard work, collective effort targeted at the continuous expansion of production capacity, and quality improvement as well as training and enhancing qualifications of the staff. 

The plant has been joined by new employees who would remain until retirement and give solid grounds to the future technical and production staff (...)" 

 (The Company's Chronicle was kept by Ryszard Kostrzewski)



Fermentownia Tytoniu Krasnystaw

Fermentownia Tytoniu Krasnystaw